FFL Transfers


FFL Transfers at Northeast Munitions are always, and have always been FREE. As far as we know we are the only shop on planet earth that offers this service for FREE. This includes: 


-Outbound (customer is obviously responsible for their own shipping costs)


-Person-to-person private sale transfers

There is no catch, nor is there any angle to this being a free service. We do however ask a few very simple, and very reasonable things of you:

-Read this entire section thoroughly

-Don't be a dick

-For items you are purchasing online, when applicable, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. This inquiry is best made by sending a link to us via email info@northeastmunitions.com of what you are looking to purchase and requesting pricing and availability on this particular item. If we can match or beat the price, we certainly prefer you shop with us. However, we do understand there are many instances in which you may be compelled to shop online such as a limited time window, its a pre-owned item, an exclusive, some type of financing deal etc etc. 

-Our FFL & SOT is on this page. You can't miss it. This should be all you need to send your seller to complete the transaction. In the event they need more from us, or want it sent directly from us, please just email us- info@northeastmunitions.com

-If you think your transfer may be time consuming, I.E you purchased a collection, made a large purchase or have some obscure trade deal, please inform us ahead of time with the details.

-Wait for a call- This is a big one. We don't care what miraculous reason you have that coincidentally landed you "in the area" at the exact time Fedex delivered. On any given day we may receive hundreds of packages. Yes, we know yours is the most important. But please do not just show up when it shows your tracking number has been delivered. We have a process we must follow and this will likely only result in you needing to make a second trip and overall slowing the process down. We typically get every transfer processed within 24 hours of receiving it, and do our best to get them done as fast as we can. Often times we even stay into the late hours of the night to process free transfers for you guys. In the event you haven't heard from us in 24 hours, just call us. It is all too common that the seller gives us a bad phone number or doesn't include contact information.