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September 10th
Close Defensive Environment Carbine for the Armed Citizen and Armed Professional
-Carbine, Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) or Carbine Caliber Pistols w or w/out Stabilizer Brace-

(Including Sling Use for Stabilizing Carbine Caliber Pistols)

September 30 - October 1st
"Kalashtober" - AK Pattern Carbine Skill Development Training

Oct 14-15 (South Miami, Florida)
Urban Carbine Skills for the Armed Professional and Citizen Defender
$450 includes range fees.

October 28-29th
2-Gun Home Defense (Handgun/Carbine)
"The Zombie Offensive!"
Home Defense Skill Development and Senerio Based Training
(w/ Zombie themed targets and rules for Halloween twist)

November 18-19th
"Optics Down" Specialized Carbine Training
-Iron Site Use and understanding the potentially life saving, how to use of a fogged, blocked or otherwise damaged optic-
(This training is copyright and patent pending - all rights are reserved to the concepts, language, ideas, training, materials, etc.)

Dec 9-10th
Winter Series 1.0

Personal Defense Handgun (Winter CCW)
Winter Carbine for Personal Defense (Armed Citizen or Professional)

NOTE: Students must possess and produce a valid State issued drivers license and Concealed Firearms Permit / License (CCW or Equal) prior to training.

NOTE: All trainings are adult education and of mature themes, information and responsibilities. Minors maybe considered for some trainings on an individual basis and if accepted must be accompanied in training by the responsible parent or guardian holding a valid drivers license and CCW. Minor must have proof of previous safety training and be of a mature, responsible and attentive nature. The same laws that apply to an adult's ownership and participation w firearms will be held to minors. I.e. No barring issues with citizenship/criminal/medical history.